What is STREEC?

STREEC is a joint effort between the Free Evangelical Christian Fellowship Church in eSwatini, Caring for Shiselweni and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) through DIGNI. The aim of the project is provide marginalized youths with a foothold in the rapidly growing renewable energy sector.

What we do!

STREEC provides a six month course in renewable energy systems and entrepreneurship. The course covers all major modern renewable energy systems with theoretical and practical exercises to help develop a rapid and comprehensive foundational knowledge that will be sufficient to serve as a springboard for our students to dive into the renewable energy sector.

After the students complete the training course, they are placed into an internship programme to further develop their skills. STREEC further assists the students in establishing their own businesses within the Renewable Energy sector through a business incubation program.

The Training Course

Over the six months the students are exposed to the various aspects of renewable energy and small business management. They are given hands on experience in the planning, design and construction of various renewable projects!

Solar Photovoltaics

Each group of students are given the opportunity to work on developing and implementing a portion of a solar generation park at the Training Centre.


Students are taught how to launch a small business and assisted in the process of establishing and registration.

Bio Gas

Students are trained on how to construct and deploy systems that convert domestic and agricultural waste into gas used for cooking, industry and power generation.

Wind and Hydropower

Students will be given theoretical training in Hydropower and will have the opportunity to travel to a hydropower generation plant to experience it first hand.

On-Site we aim to implement grid-tied wind power to supplement the solar generation at the training centre.

Information Technology

At the training centre, students are given practical training in the use of Microsoft Windows and Office Software, as well as additional tools specific to electrical systems.

Bio Mass

Direct combustion of biomass waste from the sugarcane and timber industries are a huge untapped resource. Students will be taught on the workings of direct combustion power generation systems, and work in partnership with the timber industry to develop capacity.